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Dear WoV users, We have started to make WorldofVolley 3 years ago and for almost 2 years we are online. Thanks to all the people who feel volleyball as a part of their life, wheather they are funs, players, coaches, sport directors or presidents, WorldofVolley is growing more and more every day.



Today, we would like to present you a new WoV Feature on which we worked more than 1 year: WoVVideo database.

Lately, it is very hard to decide which player to take for your club. Managers send players’ lists and highlights, clubs browse YouTube videos, etc. Everybody can play good volleyball in 3min video highlight. And if you are a coach or sports director of one club, maybe your team’s season and thousands of Euro/Dollar invested will depend on this 3 minutes!

To get the real picture of a volleyball player, beside fisical skills, you have to see also player’s statistics and video details. Every volleyball coach will confirm that. In that way, you have the possibility to get to know better who you have to take for your club and spend a part of your budget. 

Also, hours and hours of games’ videos and scouts’ night work finish on computer’s HD without the possibility to be used ever again. Why not use them for players and coaches’ education?

Now, it has never been easier to have all this in one place and in one click of a mouse!

WorldofVolley has created a video database called WoVVideo, where you can see present and past games’ tecnical videos made by scouts, together with statistics from that game. 

WoVVideo single game video

WoVVideo single game video

Thanks to volleyball scouts from around the world, WoVVideo tries to cover all major volleyball national leagues and national teams’ competitions and tournaments around the world. (For full list of games, click Championships.)

Browse WoVVideo. Choose one of thousands of volleyball games’ videos already uploaded. Watch it. 

Are you interested in some player’s performance? Check his/her WoV Community Profile directly on the same videoplayer’s screen. Inside the profile, find also his career details and statistics. And all this while you watch the game!

Use WoVVideo for your personal education. See how world top teams and players play. See how other setters manage the balls, how middle blockers move…

Scouts exchange videos between them using different methods. WoVVideo makes it FREE, public and available to everybody in one place. 

You can find WoVVideo as a part of WoV Main Navigation. For more about WoVVideo, visit WoVVideo Home Page.

From today, you have the possibility to watch more than 1,600 videos from around the world already uploaded, starting from 2012/2013 season (clubs) and 2013 (national teams).

WoVVideo single game info

WoVVideo single game info

Should you have more question about WoVVideo, please use WoV Help&FAQ.

Are you volleyball scout willing to upload games you have? Find more info on WoV Video.

For any other reason, you can always contact us.

Thank you for your time and we hope you will find WoVVideo useful. Many new interesting WoV Features are about to come very soon, so keep following us.

Enjoy using WorldofVolley – volleyball source you can trust. 

The WorldofVolley Team

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