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INTERVIEW: Ivan Castellani – “We have to trust Velasco”

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The Argentine receiver Ivan Castellani only thinks about his recovery. His short time in the French volleyball and the chance of joining an Italian A1 team was left behind.

Ivan Castellani

Ivan Castellani

Even though he still has a contract with Molfetta, the rehabilitation time is similar to the period remaining to finish the competition. His present is fully dedicated to getting ready physically and he daily trains at a particular gym “because there is no people related to the volleyball world in CeNARD (the high performance sport centre of Argentina) these days”.

The arrival of Julio Velasco on Argentine hot seat was a shock that also impacted on Ivan.

“I don’t know him personally” he said, “but by the number of stories and anecdotes he told, I am really anxious in learning. This group needs a leader and who is better than him? The truth is that we are all very excited. I think it’s positive because Velasco has a lot of experience and knows what he does, so we have to trust him” said former Montpellier player.

What did Weber leave you as a person, as a coach and as a part of your life?

“Weber left me a lot. He trusted me and called me for the National Team… At some moment he could have called older and more experienced players, but he bet for me. He gave me confidence and I appreciate it very much. It’s a shame the way he ended, but we have to think of the positives things he left and focus in this new cycle. I have much to thank him and he knows it.”

How his departure affected the group?

Between him and some players the relationship was broken and they wanted a change. Sometimes a transformation is good.”

 Would you have preferred your father to be the coach?

“After Velasco’s cycle, I would like it.”

Would you like to play for him?

“I would love it! There is no doubt that he is one of the greatest in the world, he knows a lot.”

How do you see Argentina this year?

I think we have to work hard. We are a young team that needs work, we need heavy hand and a lot of training because there is material to exploit and grow, so we must take benefit of it. We won’t only improve for having conditions. In the World Cup, entering in the top eight would be a very good result.

Facundo Conte and Luciano De Cecco always emphasize the phrase: ‘we must stop being promises and become reality instead’…

Absolutely, and the only way is to train a lot, well, hard and conscientiously. There is no other way, no shortcuts, no nothing. I think that when we understand it and train that way, the team will take an important leap of quality.”

Velasco said that if people see the team that gives everything, they will show more respect and also they will gave a stronger support.

“I don’t believe that we didn’t give it all before, I think we had technical failures though we didn’t have the results that people expected. When a team is superior to you it is shown as a crush, even if you are struggling and fighting with all your strength. If it is superior, what you see on TV is an overwhelming defeat, but this team fights, and we expect this can be expressed more in the results.”


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