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WL: Brazil in semifinal, Russia in problem!

by WoV

In the clash of two volleyball giants Brazil has beaten Russia 3-1 (26-24, 22-25, 25-23, 25-22) and qualified for the semifinal! Russia will now have to cheer for Brazil in the last round against Iran…

Russia vs. Brazil


Russia vs. Brazil


Russia vs. Brazil


Russia vs. Brazil


Russia vs. Brazil


Russia vs. Brazil - Giulia Pisani


best scorers after 3rd set

Best scorers after 3rd set

Russia – Brazil 1-3 (24-26, 25-22, 23-25, 22-25)

RUSSIA: Makarov, Apalikov 6, Grankin 1, Pavlov 18, Biriukov 15, Spiridonov 10, Savin 4, Smoliar, Muserskiy 13, Volvich, Ilinykh 8, Verbov (libero), Ermakov (libero), Zemchenok. Coach: Andrey Voronkov. 

BRAZIL: Bruno 3, Eder, Wallace 23, Santos 13, Vissotto 4, Murilo 14, Lucarelli 8, Araujo, Bonatto, Saatkamp 12, Pedreira (libero), Raphael, Souza, Loh. Coach: Bernardo Rezende.

The first set

Brazilian team opened the match with 1-4 lead thanks to the good play of Lucarelli, who later scored for 4-7. Wallace has scored from “zone 2” for the Brazilian lead on the first technical time out (5-8). Russians came close to 10-12 but with two points of Murilo Brazil escaped to 10-14 and then 11-15. After a point and ace by Muserskiy, Lucarelli made a mistake for 14-15 and Rezende needed to call for time out. Brazil had 14-16 on the second TTO.

Vissotto and Raphael came into the game, but Russia immediately made two blocks on Vissotto for 17-17. Murilo has scored his fifth point for 19-20, but Pavlov equalized on 21-21 and then took another point for 22-21. After play “point for point” Wallace scored two in a row for 23-24. Lucarelli won the last point for Brazil 24-26.

The second set

Again Brazil had 1-4 at the beginning, but Russia equalized on 4-4. Russia continued with good game and seized three more points in a row for 7-4. However, after a point by Bruno, Brazil equalized on 7-7. A tie game continued…8-8, 9-9, 10-10, 11-11, 12-12…and then Russia made two points in row for 14-12.

Spiridonov scored very unusual point for 16-14 for the second TTO. After that he took the main role in Russian team, scoring few points in a row for 21-17. Russia kept the point difference (23-19), but Brazil came close to 23-22. However, squad of Bernando Rezende failed to save a ball, which might tied the score and Birukov punished it with another point for 25-22.

The third set

Russia opened the third set with 3-1, but Brazil equalized on 4-4. It was 7-7 a bit later and Brazil had +1 on the first TTO (7-8). Brazil recorded two more points for 7-10, but result was tied again on 12-12. Then, Russia went for a seemingly victorious run. Zbornaya had +2 on the second TTO (16-14). and then went on a huge +4 (19-15).

However, Brazil did not want to surrender. Despite bad serves, squad of Bernardo Rezende started decreasing the deficit significantly… Until it was all tied at 22-22 after a strong spike by Lucarelli. A bit later it was 23-23, and then Lucas Saatkamp blocked Pavlov for a big turnaround and a set point (23-24). Voronkov called a time-out, but Lucarelli finished the set after one more good spike from a counterattack – 23-25.

The fourth set

Brazilian team has continued with the good performance in the fourth set. They opened this set with 1-4, but Muserskiy started serving very well and it was 5-5. It was all equal until 12-12, then Wallace scored two points and Pavlov made a mistake for 12-15. 

Brazil kept +3 (13-16) until the second TTO, and that advantage soon grew to +5 (16-21). It was practicly all over, but Russia had one last chance for a comeback. Muserskiy scored an ace for 21-23, but he made service mistake after a time-out and Brazilians had three match balls (21-24). They used the second one. Wallace, the best scorer of the game, finished everything with a strong spike for 22-25.


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