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WoV in Florence – Mmmm mmm…

by WoV

Do you know that sound when you try something really good .... mmmm mmmm ... Well, that sound you can hear on every step of Florence.

WoV in Florence



WoV in Florence



WoV in Florence


When someone speaks about Italian food, first things which cross your mind are definitely pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, tiramisu, cappuccino, ice cream…

And yes, Florence has them all. You just don’t know what to eat because the residents of Florence offer you a large selection of food and drinks.

Of course you’ll choose where you’ll eat, on the street or in restaurants. But, whatever option you pick, you will not made a mistake, because delicious food is everywhere.

WoV in Florence


WoV in Florence


WoV in Florence


But, trust us, it is not easy to decide what to eat. The selection is huge, many types of pizza; with cheese and tomato, prosciutto and arugula, zucchini and cheese… It’s the same with spaghetti… And, better not to talk about ice cream, for which Italy is well-known… And coffee in 101 varietie…ohh…

WoV in Florence


WoV in Florence


WoV in Florence


For the ones who take care what they eat there are stalls with fresh fruit on the streets… What to say except bon appetit, sorry, buon appetito! 

WoV in Florence


WoV in Florence


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