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EXCLUSIVE: Felipe Fonteles – “Doctors insisted that I miss F6”

by WoV
source: Photo: fivb.org

Calf injury stopped him to be on the court, but there is nothing that could stop him to support his teammates. Felipe Fonteles is in Florence, and he is the loudest fan of Brazil.



As always, Felipe gladly accepted to give an interview for WorldofVolley in which he explained why he can’t play on the Final Six…

I am recovering from a calf injury. I don’t feel pain at all, but doctors said that there is still a risk. They insisted that I miss the Final Six, so I could be fully recovered. Of course, the primary goal is to be ready for the World Championship.”

However Lipe admitted it is not easy to be in a role of a fan…

“Not at all. Especially because I am very anxious and excited, but from what I saw on the matches and practices team plays much better than at the beginning of the World League. Brazil is more than ready for the Final Six. I think that we are in the best shape here in Florence.”

Excellent receiver said couple of words about Iran, Brazil’s next opponent…

“Everybody were surprised by their success. I was too. But, Iran is a very good team, with very good attack and pretty fast serve. They are developing into one of the best teams in the world and they totally deserve to be here. It will be a tough match.”

Fonteles confirmed that he will play in Brazil in the next season, wearing a jersey of Funvic

Yes, I have signed a two-year contract. At the end of the last season there was a lot of uncertainty about sponsors and financial structure in Fenerbahce,  and I received a very good offer from Brazil. It was a very good opportunity for me to play at home in a high level team. There I can develop my skills in the next two years and be ready for the Olympic Games.”

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