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WCH M : Poland in finals, whole Katowice in euphoria!

by WoV

Heroic effort from Germany, but Poland was better for just a bit enough to go through.


All about the fans


21-18 – Huge point, huge defensive plays by both teams, but the Poland came out on top by blocking Fromm.

18-17 – Captain Schops with the big block.

16-14 – Again a great defensive sequence is proving to be key for Polish team. Triple block stopped Kaliberda, so home team has the two points lead.

13-13 – What looked like a bad situation (13-10), one substitution turned around. Fromm for Westphal and Germany tied the result again.

11-10 – Dubious decision by the refs as the Kampa was called for a held ball.

7-8 – Germans are holding that small lead and are looking extremelly confident right now.

4-5 – Scary stop by Kaliberda over Wlazly. Germany is leading again.


“Pure power”


23-25 – Huge service by Kuhner, Kubiak couldn’t attack from a bad position, so Kaliberda spiked it of the block!

23-24 – Kaliberda with the nerves of steel, set point for Germany.

21-21 – Kaliberda with the bad reception so Poland tied the result at 21.

17-19 – He had to make a mistake once. Wlazly spikes it out and now Germany had the two points lead.

15-15 – Hammer block by Bohme stopping Klos in the middle.

10-8 – After a quick series by Germany (3-0) Antiga is forced to call for a time-out.

8-5 – With great series of services by (take a guess) Mariusz Wlazly, Poland earned a crucial lead.


Wlazly – one step ahead


28-26 – What a stop by Nowakowski. Grozer spiked that one right into his hands.

27-26 – Wlazly continues to dominate. Just can’t be stopped.

24-24 – What a mistake by Gunthor. This was a clear set ball.

21-21 – Huge serving by Germany with Gunthor and Grozer taking the spotlight. Germany is back.

20-15 – Grozer just isn’t himself tonight. He is making a lot of mistakes.

18-11 – Germany just can’t catch a break. Poland is playing almost perfectly.

15-9 – This crowd is just amazing and is carrying Poland right now. It doesn’t look good for the Germans right now.

8-5 – Kampa is in trouble right now. Reception is not good and he is having a hard time.



26-24 – What a strong move by Kubiak and Poland is in the lead!

23-22 – Big spike by big man Georg Grozer. Germany in the lead again.

20-20 – Big mistake by Klos, Germany equalised!

18-19 – What a block from Mika! Poland is closing the gap.

16-14 – Germany is playing much better in attack right now. Can they keep this tempo up?

11-12 – Huge tension is in the building, Germany is playing some calm volleyball that’s keeping them one step ahead right now.

The Arena is packed.


11500 crazy Polish fans


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