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Pyramid of Training program (4 levels)

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source: preparazionefisicaeducation.com

The coaches have duties to create the plan of preparation and to create training sessions during the season. There are four levels or cycles that you can use to make your training program:



Annual program – This is the first level and it’s very important. It’s the base of our pyramid and presents plan of preparations, training sessions, nutrition etc. during the whole year or season.

Monthly program – is the second level of the pyramid, where you go with a little more specifically and precisely, analyzing and creating a monthly schedule of work.

Weekly program – The third level of program should have a specific work during the week. It depends on your goals, rivals and what you want to develop. You have to define what is missing the most to your team and to create the training for them – it can be tactical, technical, strength trainings etc…

Daily program – This is the top of pyramid and needs to have a clear idea. You have to create single detailed training. If you choose to work on defense, you will work only on defense…

All members of coaching staff should be involved in creating the best program for their team. It’s very important. Read more at preparazionefisicaeducation.com


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