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Are these the most muscular volleyball players in the world? (VIDEO)

by WoV

Titans volleyball have made the list of 10 the most muscular volleyball players in the world. Don’t hesitate to send us players that are more jacked than these players in this video.

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John Doek January 31, 2017 - 4:04 pm

Interesting and important initiative from WoV to devote to this trend..

a / 70-80s Focus mainly on strong legs, see YT – NTs Japan, Germany, Bulgaria, USSR etc…
b/ 60-80s The beach volleyball- see pictures from biographic books – Some players focused on a whole body, i.e including upper parts….
c/ 84- 96 A trend of quick and slim players – see OG 92, final Brazil vs Netherlands and 96 Italy vs Netherlands…
d/ since 2000 A focus also on an upper part of bodies …
Connection with new rules and : change of a pressure of air in v. balls, a new scoring system, creeping effects of back court attacks, effectivity of strong and fast services, too many time-outs, interruptions, science of dietary supplements etc

Fabio January 31, 2017 - 8:09 pm

You guys got is 100% right. Well Done. I would just have Zaytsev/Eder/Mastrangelo on my Top 3. Brazil and Italy had produced the most handsome players.


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