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Kristina Guncheva for WoV – “It’s time to go abroad again”

by WoV

After her successful season in Zeiler Koeniz, winning many MVP awards, she spent the last season in the Bulgarian league. Now, it's time for Kristina Guncheva to go abroad again.

Kristina Guncheva


The young setter has confirmed that she would like to play in some countries close to Bulgaria.

But firstly, let’s summarize the previous season with Levski Sofia:

My last season in Levski was interesting because our team was really young. We had our ups and downs, we reached the cup final, also managed to play for the title. That was our main goal, so we were satisfied with the second place.”

You didn’t manage to win the title since you were defeated in the finals. Do you think that it could have been better in some games in the final?

Of course, it could have been better. We couldn’t show our full potential. Unfortunately, they outplayed us in every way. We fought, but it was just not enough. Experience won. However, the minor flaws we committed in the game does not outshine that we were a team, from our peaks to our worst moments.”

Are you satisfied with your performance in the last season?

As a player, I am continuously trying to improve my performances. I’m always dedicated and a hard-working person. In the end, the most important thing is to be pleased, I can say that it was a good season for me, but I’m always searching for the better.”

Where would you like to play next season – Is it time to go abroad again?

I wish to go abroad again. If I could be closer to Bulgaria it would be great, but I really don’t mind about the place, just hoping for the best. My manager Tunc Afsar was in Sofia to meet me last weekend and we discussed my opportunities.”

How many goals have you set in volleyball?

My biggest dream is to participate at the Olympics.”

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I hope to see myself holding my dreams and pursuing a new one.”

If you were not a volleyball player, what would you be?

If not in volleyball, I would probably be working with children.”

We have found out more interesting questions about Kristina Guncheva.

Favorite city: “My favorite city is my hometown – the most beautiful one Plovdiv.”

Favorite movie: “The express.”

Favorite book: “The Iliad”

Favorite quote: “The brave man is not he who doesn’t feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear!” Nelson Mandela.


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