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ARG: FEVA treasurer point of view of view on the new management

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source: feva.org.ar

The new Argentine Volleyball Federation management that started end of 2011 includes new authorities. One of them, Mr. Juan Galeote, in charge of the Treasure Department talks about the path they are following with reference to keep growing, developing and improving the job done until now. He is also the Vice-President of San Juan Volleyball Federation and he also pointed out the importance of his work and the path Argentine Volleyball is going through at this time.


Juan Galeote

About his job at the FEVA and the reality of his area he mentioned: “Treasure is a very important and key place because they are in charge of maintaining all the values, improve the finances and control the expenses because many things go along with the decisions taken by the Board of Administration and the funs for them must be to support such things. We found mostly in order and we want to keep the same way so that it helps the job of all the federation itself. It helps volleyball all together as to improve and develop it makes us stronger in the continent and in the world as main goal“.

He also mentioned the work at his area in the last years prior to this new management. “The previous management was outstanding and I could see it. Our idea is to go on in the same path, asking the different officials that were here because I believe we have to work towards the same goal and that is what we are doing now“.

The goal of making volleyball stand as most important sport in the whole country is also important in my job. “Since FEVA started working on the development plan, that is that the money the Federations get returns to them so that they can develop themselves is mandatory. There is also a development centre that has its own budget so that the different federations can carry courses and congresses. We also want to improve their development plans, work with an event commision and include in our budget to help the Federations that need more support” he added.

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