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ARG: International II Course – The experience of the best mark, Pablo Arean

by WoV
source: feva.org.ar

Pablo Areán got the highest mark at the International Coaches Course - Level II organized by the FIVB Argentine Volleyball Regional Development Centre and the FeVA in charge of the Director Gustavo Meczyk an the lecturer Aurelio Ureña Espa. In these answers he makes a balance of the training experience:


Pablo Arean

What is your balance of the course carried out?

It was very interesting because I could get new knowledge thanks to the method used by the people in charge of the course as it allowed us to get news via two paths. Each one of us could mention his experience. It has been a completely knew way of teaching and learning.

What facts can you point out as the most important during your working days?

We worked a lot with different combinations of spiking and blocking. We exercise them helping us to reinforce what we learnt training the same.

What can you mention about the lecturers?

Both know a lot. They showed they understand very deeply volleyball and how to handle a group of students, allowing to work freely. They got the utmost of each of us. I am very satisfied with their work without forgetting Dr. Arnold Alber and the referee Hernan Casamiquela as both teach us also a lot.

Was there a balance between theory and training?

It was great that after developing one subject we could train on it. The balance was very positive because the facilities offered to us were outstanding so the course went on under perfect conditions.

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