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ARG M: Velasco – „Years when I worked in Modena have changed my professional and personal life“

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source: modenavolley.it; Photo: somosvoley.com

The celebration of Azimut Modena marking 50 years of the club in mid-December was a spectacle but with one detail casting the shadow on it – an absence of coach Julio Velasco.



To make this even more important, the Argentine expert was proclaimed by Modena fans as the best coach in the history of the club at the celebration. So, Velasco felt the urge to address Modena fans regarding his absence with an open letter published on club website.

„I am very sorry not to be present at the celebration organized by the Municipality of Modena for the 50 years of the Modenese volleyball. I was in Argentina for work. I knew it has been very engaging and exciting. I, however, got excited when I read that the fans had elected me as the coach of all time. The years when I worked in Modena have changed my professional and personal life. I completely integrated into Italian and my family has found a place to feel at home. For me those were also the years of professional dedication, we won four league titles in a row: the first after 10 years with two foreigners, the second with only a foreigner on the bench and boys of 18, 21 and 23 years…“ Velasco stated.

„…But those years were long time ago and ’PalaPanini’ has continued to win with new players and coaches. Great coaches.Precisely for this reason I want to thank everyone for this extraordinary recognition, at least for me. And something that I will always keep inside is one of the most important medals that I won. And an award that pays me a lot of work, passion and my love for this city and its people.Thanks Modena. Live Modena! Happy 2017 everyone!“ current head coach of Argentine Men’s National Team, who won Italian Championship four time in a row with Modena (1986-1989), added.


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