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BRA M: Minas exceeds Cimed and goes to semifinals

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Cimed of Bruninho, Rivaldo and Gustavo did not manage to qualify for the semifinals, after losing the math against Minas in tie-break. The team of the coach Fronckowiak, succeeded to recover 2 sets of disadvantage thanks to Marcelo El Garten (MVP of the match) and 24 points of Rejlek (66% in attack and author of the final ace in the decisive tie-break).

Vivo / Minas

Vivo / Minas

In 1. set  for Minas entered Otavio instead of Miraglia and Temponi instead of Abbadi. Cimed took the lead at the start with the block of Joao Paulo Tavares (9:7) and Rivaldo, scoring 13:9. Then Bruninho made a break with 16:10. Thanks to the excellent performance of Eder, Cimed took the lead of 18:11 and closed the set with 25:20.

In 2. set Abbadi substituted Temponi. Minas started well with the block on Tavares (1:3), Eder (1:4) and Rivaldo (5:8). However, the ace of Gustavo (9:10) and the error of Abbadi led to the even result 12:12.

Then the error of Renato (13:15) and the ace of Marcelo (13:16) secured the advantage for Minas. Then Cimed evened the result 16:16 and Renato from the counterattack scored 17:16. Minas made a comeback thanks to the errors of Thales (19:20) and Tavares (19:21)  but not for long. Gustavo and Rivaldo turned the result, scoring 24:23 and Eder closed the set with the block on Rejlek with 25:23.

In 3. set Minas took the lead with Rejlek (5:7) and Abbadi (6:8). It secured the advantage thanks to the block of Otavio on Renato 9:12 and on Eder 9:14. Finally, Henrique closed the set with 19:25.

In 4. set the game started with the even score 5:5. Then Henrique made a break with 6:8 and then again, from the attack he scored 8:11. Cimed was bad at reception and Abbadi and Lucarelli did not miss the opportunity to get to 8:13. Chiarotti made the double exchange with the entrance of Murilo and Kaio. However, Minas secured the lead thanks to Lucarelli of 11:15 and 12:16. With the ace of Felizardo the set was reopened with 17:19. But with the block of Otavio on Tavares (19:23), the ace of Marcelo (19:24) and the block of Lucarelli on Kaio, Minas closed the set with 19:25.

In 5. set Minas took the lead of 6:9. However, the error of Lucarelli (8:9) and the counterattack of Rivaldo, evened the result 9:9. Rejlek made the decisive break with 2 aces of 11:14, before closing the set with 13:15.

Quarterfinals: Game 3 (30 March)

4. vs 5.: CIMED / SKY – VIVO / MINAS 2:3 (25:20, 25:23, 19:25, 19:25, 13:15) Series: 1:2

CIMED / SKY: Bruno Rezende “Bruninho” 3, Russomano Renato Santos 10, Rodrigo Pinto “Rivaldo” 15, Gustavo Endres 8, Eder Carbonera 16, Joao Paulo Tavares 15, Thales Hoss (L), Rafael Araujo 0, Murilo Radke 0, Renato Felizardo 1, Jean Badalotti “Bada”, Kaio Rocha 5
Coach: Douglas Chiarotti

VIVO / MINAS: Otavio Pinto 15, Marcelo El Garten “Marcelinho” 5, Bruno Araujo “Temponi” 2, Ricardo Souza, “Lucarelli” 12, Henrique Randow 10, Rejlek 24, Leandro Greek “Polaco” (L); Manius Abbadi 7, Edson Cerqueira “Edinho” 1, Rodrigo Rodrigues 0, Orestes “Miraglia” Carvalho 0
Did not enter: Anderson Rodrigues
Coach: Marcelo Fronckowiak
MVP: Marcelo El Garten “Marcelinho

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