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Qualification ECH W: Only 12 places left for EuroVolley 2019

by WoV

We must wait for a year for the Women's European Championship, but until that we first must see who will participate.



O.K. we know that Turkey, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia secured their spots as the organizers of the EuroVolley 2019 and eight teams have qualified as per the final standing of the 2017 edition held in Azerbaijan and Georgia. These are Serbia, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Italy, Russia, Belarus, Germany and Bulgaria. The 12 places left and after the Qualification Round, we will get all 24 teams.

So, the 24 women’s teams will compete in the Qualification Round for the EuroVolley 2019 from August 15, 2018, to January 9, 2019.

The teams are divided into six pools with 4 teams and they will play Double Round Robin format. After 6 weeks of the competition, only 12 will qualify to the Final Round which will be held from August 23 to September 8, 2019, in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Turkey.

The Qualification Round will start on August 15 and each country will play one game at home.

The first four legs will be played from August 15 to August 26 while the last two legs in the first week of January.

Pool A

Belgium, Iceland, Slovenia and Israel

1st Leg (August 15): Belgium – Iceland, Slovenia – Israel

2nd Leg (August 19): Israel – Belgium, Iceland – Slovenia

3rd Leg (August 22): Belgium – Slovenia, Israel – Iceland

4th Leg (August 25-26): Slovenia – Belgium, Iceland – Israel

5th Leg (January 5): Belgium – Israel, Slovenia – Iceland

6th Leg (January 9): Iceland – Belgium, Israel – Slovenia


Pool B

Croatia, Albania, Austria, Switzerland

1st Leg (August 15): Croatia – Albania, Austria – Switzerland

2nd Leg (August 19): Switzerland – Croatia, Albania – Austria

3rd Leg (August 22): Croatia – Austria, Switzerland – Albania

4th Leg (August 25-26): Austria – Croatia, Albania – Switzerland

5th Leg (January 5): Croatia – Switzerland, Austria – Albania

6th Leg (January 9): Albania – Croatia, Switzerland – Austria


Pool C

Ukraine, Norway, Greece, Montenegro

1st Leg (August 15): Ukraine – Norway, Greece – Montenegro

2nd Leg (August 18-19): Norway -Greece, Montenegro – Ukraine

3rd Leg (August 22): Ukraine – Greece, Montenegro – Norway

4th Leg (August 25): Norway – Montenegro, Greece – Ukraine

5th Leg (January 5): Ukraine – Montenegro, Greece – Norway

6th Leg (January 9): Norway – Ukraine, Montenegro – Greece

Pool D

France, Denmark, Georgia, Portugal

1st Leg (August 15): France – Denmark, Georgia – Portugal

2nd Leg (August 18-19): Denmark – Georgia, Portugal – France

3rd Leg (August 22): France – Georgia, Portugal – Denmark

4th Leg (August 25): Denmark – Portugal, Georgia – France

5th Leg (January 5): France – Portugal, Georgia – Denmark

6th Leg (January 9): Denmark – France, Portugal – Georgia


Pool E

Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia, Finland

1st Leg (August 15): Czech – Sweden, Estonia – Finland

2nd Leg (August 18-19): Finland – Czech, Sweden – Estonia

3rd Leg (August 22): Czech – Estonia, Finland – Sweden

4th Leg (August 25): Sweden – Finland, Estonia – Czech

5th Leg (January 5): Czech – Finland, Estonia – Sweden

6th Leg (January 9): Sweden – Czech, Finland – Estonia


Pool F

Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, Spain

1st Leg (August 15): Romania – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia – Spain

2nd Leg (August 18-19): Bosnia and Herzegovina – Latvia, Spain – Romania

3rd Leg (August 22): Romania – Latvia, Spain – Bosnia and Herzegovina

4th Leg (August 26): Bosnia and Herzegovina – Spain, Latvia – Romania

5th Leg (January 5): Romania – Spain, Latvia – Bosnia and Herzegovina

6th Leg (January 9): Bosnia and Herzegovina – Romania, Spain – Latvia


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