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FIN M: Released Cuban player might get a record compensation in Finland

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source: seiska.fi; Photo: u23.men.2015.volleyball.fivb.com

A few days ago, the Finnish court reduced prison sentences to four of five players of the Cuban Men’s Volleyball National Team, while the fifth was released. Now, he wants compensation for the time spent in jail.



A 22-year-old middle blocker Luis Sosa was released from the Finnish prison where he spent nearly a whole year as she was sentenced for raping a woman in a hotel room where his national team was settled for the FIVB World League match, in July, 2016. Unlike him, four other Cuban players will stay in prison but will serve a reduced sentence.

Now, as he was released, Sosa will ask for compensation for spending 360 days behind the bars.

“Of course, we can get compensation. We are aiming for the record in Finland. Auer (Anneli Auer, woman imprisoned for murdering her husband in 2006, released after six years) got a little more than half a million euros, so he (Sosa) might get a little more. If not so much, then he can at least get a few hundred thousand euros,” Sosa’s lawyer said.

The National Treasury of Finland paid Anneli Auer a record compensation of 545,800 euros. She got 800 euros for each of the 611 days spent in jail. If this applies to Sosa’s case, the compensation for the Cuban player would be 288,000 euros.

But, as Finnish media reported, The National Treasury of Finland usually pays only 120 euros per day in prison, which means Sosa might get “only” 43,200 euros.


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