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FRA M: Grebennikov – We found the pleasure of playing

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Jenia Grebennikov and Rennes Volley 35 had a bad start of the season, but recently won three games in a row against Paris, Avignon and Narbonne. For more latest volleyball news visit worldofvolley.com


Jenia Grebennikov

How do you explain this return to form?

The first part of the season was difficult especially with the injury to Adrian Gontariu.. Everyone was waiting for us around the corner. We had very high goals. Everyone wanted to beat Rennes and had nothing to lose against us. We started a great season by winning the French Cup. But now we found our form.
Oliver Venno replaced Adrian Gontariu?

Oliver Venno helps us a lot. He is very important for the team.

One has the impression that Rennes is capable of the best and the worst since the beginning of the season.

Yes, it was especially capable of the worst because even when we won, it was not extraordinary. Last three games, they are good without being extraordinary. We know we can do even better. We work for it every day in training to be very efficient in the second half of the season.

What place are you aiming at the end of the season?

The goal is simply to be in the top eight. We have the team for the playoffs. Then we’ll see what happens.
What are your qualities?

We are a very physical team. We have eleven players who are willing to go on the field and replace each other. I just hope we will become more regular and stop taking breaks as we did in the first part of the season. We need to find the confidence, if we trust ourselves, we will not have a problem.
Personally, are you satisfied with your season.

Volleyball is a team sport, I can do better as the whole team can. Nobody is 100%. I do what I can to help the group, we have the results, but I have a hard time judging myself.

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