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WL M: Germany better than Cuba second time in a row

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source: fivb.org; Photo: fivb.org

The German team came back Sunday to win 3-1 (25-23, 25-22, 24-26, 25-23) to get their second consecutive win of the season. Best scorers: Denis Kaliberda 22 for Germany, Yordan Bisset 19 points in Cuba.

Germany - Cuba

Germany to strong for Cuba in two matches

Germany’s head coach Vital Heynen changed his team on four positions from Saturday, putting Patrick Steuerwald, Chirstian Fromm, Tim Broshog and Dirk Westphal in the starting six.

But the Cubans also learned from their previous defeat, as Rolando Cepeda scored seven points and ensured a balanced result in the first set. In the end of the first set, however, it was the German team who took advantage of the disagreements in the Cuban defense to win 25-23.

In the second heat, Cuba took advantage of unforced errors, but four Geman blocks in a row turned the backlog into a 25-22 win for Germany.

After the second set defeat, Cuba tried to fought back in the third and Cubans MVP Cepeda blocked the straight win for Germany.

Similar to Saturday’s game, the German’s reception was the key to their success and they won a fourth set and embraced victory.

Denis Kalyberda scored 22 for Germany, while Yordan Bisset had 19 points in the Cuban team.

Nearly 2,200 spectators watched the exciting performance. Germany’s win allowed them to climb the ranks to the leading teams Russia and Italy with seven points.

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