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GRE M: Panathinaikos yell at referees – “Apology is not enough, it happened in front of your eyes!!!” (VIDEO)

by WoV

Panathinaikos accuse the referees that they directly decided the winner in the first semifinals pair of the Greek National Cup…

Another very “noisy” day in Greek volleyball. After losing against Kifissia in a thrilling semifinal clash by 3-2, Panathinaikos have published an official announcement in which they accuse the referees of making the key mistake that decided the winner.

This is what happened. It was 14:13 for Kifissia in the tie-break and they had a match point. Panathinaikos created an attacking play, but the spike went out of bounds – 15:13 for Kifissia. Still, according to the Greens, the referees made an obvious mistake, as they did not see that the player of Kiffisia touched the net while he was attempting a block. Take a look at that situation:

And now read the official announcement of Panathinaikos:

“Everyone in Greece could have seen that the player of Kifissia touched the net, unless the people who might have got paid not to see it. It is a shame that such a match got decided by such an obvious mistake made by the referees. We are tired of various excuses and apology is not enough. It has happened in front of your eyes! Panathinaikos will return to the top, whether you like it or not.”


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
Semifinal 1 26. 03. 2016 15:30 Panathinaikos A.O. ATHENS vs A.O. Kifissia 2:3 25:19; 22:25; 25:17; 17:25; 13:15    
Semifinal 2 26. 03. 2016 18:30 Olympiacos O.S.PIRAEUS vs P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki 3:2 21:25; 23:25; 26:24; 25:18; 15:8    


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