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ITA M: Copra Elior Piacenza wins Perugia in away game

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Piacenza came out winner in a beautiful and thrilling contest in Perugia. Andrea Giovi and Davide Marra gave their statements. You can read all relevant news from volleyball world on Worldofvolley.com.


Copra Elior Piacenza

Andrea Giovi (Sir Safety Perugia): “We wasted a good opportunity to get points. We did have a few ups and downs but we’ve always been in it. Unfortunately, we were punished in the clutch time, where we had to be tougher”.

Davide Marra (Copra Elior Piacenza): “We knew it was going to be a difficult game. They played well, especially in the block-dig area, but we have done well to stay close all the time and eventually clinch it. Now we’ll have a tough month ahead of us with many big games. We’ll face one at a time and give it our best shot every time”.

SIR SAFETY PERUGIA – COPRA ELIOR PIACENZA 1-3 (25-22, 21-25, 26-28, 24-26)

SIR SAFETY PERUGIA: Alletti 8, Van Harskamp, Petric 16, Daldello 4, Giovi (L), Tomassetti 6, Schwarz 3, Tamburo 10, Vujevic 11, Edgar 5. DNP Van Rekom, Pochini, Semenzato. Coach. Kovac.

COPRA ELIOR PIACENZA: Marra (L), Corvetta, Papi 10, Fei 20, Simon 19, Zlatanov 18, Holt 6, Tencati 4, Vettori 2, De Cecco 1. DNP Latelli, Ogurcak, Maruotti. Coach. Monti.

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