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ITA M: “All the pressure on Modena” – Podraščanin

by WoV

Ahead of the game of the Italian championship semifinals, tensions are rising high. Still Marko Podraščanin is taking about moving the pressure towards Modena.



“I believe in us. We can win game 2 but honestly speaking, all the pressure is on Modena. If we go up 2-0 it’s going to be really hard for them to come back. Still we expect a very difficult game and we will give everything to win it” – says Podraščanin.

“We are the favourites and much depends on how we play. Of course it was amazing help from our 4000 that pushed us through the win in game 1 and we will need it again for sure. On the other hand we will be in tough situation if they surprise us and win, then we have to go to Modena and win at least one game.”

“Bruno and N’Gapeth changed that team completely. Now they are as strong as anyone in Italy and it will be a great challenge to beat them tomorrow.”


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