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ITA W: Union of Novare and Villa Cortese

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A few days ago, the president of the GSO Villa Cortese, Gian Carlo Aliverti, and the General manager of CEO Asystel Volley, Massimo De Stefano, made the agreement about the historical union between two most important Italian female teams of Series A1.


MC Carnaghi Villa Cortese

The new partnership between Asystel and MC Carnaghi is the fusion of experience and tradition of eleven seasons in A1 of Asystel Volley Novara with the freshness and enthusiasm of the GSO Villa Cortese, that is the “youngest” of the top teams. The union will ensure the construction of the team that is capable of competing at the highest levels of Italy and in Europe.

The officials of two companies stated: “In this time of economic crisis, this synergy will enable the two sides continue toward their goals. Novara and Villa Cortese are leading teams in women’s volleyball since 2000. Both companies have written memorable pages of the history of our sport, by achieving significant successes. If it is true that this union will bring strength, together we will have more chances to achieve our goals. “

These days, the president Aliverti and the General Manager of Novara, Massimo De Stefano, devote their energies to the actions of the marketing and implementation of organizational and logistical solutions of this union.

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