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Interesting stats of World Championship

by WoV

The two matches on the closing day of the 2014 FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championships were sellout affairs of 12,600 spectators, tying the previous record from the semifinal of Italy v China.



And after that incredible piece of information, here are for the very last time all the useless stats at the end of Italy 2014:

– 102 matches

– 370 sets played

– 16,268 rallies played

– Longest match: 2 hours 27 mins (2:39 incl. breaks), DOM v GER 3-2 on 23 Sep.

– Quickest match: 1 hour 0 mins (1:06 incl. breaks), TUR v KAZ 3-0 on 5 Oct.

– Quickest match: 1 hour 3 mins (1:09 incl. breaks) twice, ITA v TUN 3-0 on 23 Sep. and SRB v KAZ 3-0 on 2 Oct.

– Quickest set (excl. tie-break): 18 mins three times, ITA v TUN first set (25-11) on 23 Sep.; TUN v CRO first set (06-25) on 27 Sep.; TUR v KAZ first set (25-15) on 5 Oct.

– Longest set 45 mins: THA v MEX second set (36-34) on 25 Sep.

– Longest tie-break 24 mins: CRO v DOM (17-19) on 25 Sep.

– Quickest tie-break: 13 mins DOM-BEL (15-06) on 1 Oct.

– Highest scoring set: 36-34 second set THA v MEX on 25 Sep.

– Lowest scoring set: 25-06 first set CRO v TUN on 27 Sep.

– 18 matches in five sets (18%)

– 28 matches in four sets (27%)

– 56 matches in three sets (55%)

– Most spectators: 12,600 three times, ITA v CHN in Milan on 11 Oct.; ITA v BRA & USA v CHN in Milan on 12 Oct.

– Fewest spectators: 200 twice RUS v MEX in Verona on 24 Sep. and TUN v ARG in Rome on 28 Sep.

– Total spectators to date: 328,500

– Total hours of volleyball played to date: 176 hours 3 mins (or 7 days, 8 hours, 3 mins)


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