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ITA M: Farewell Sisley

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Sisley Treviso shuts down after 25 years and 1,111 games played.


Farewell Sisley

A sport society that lasted over 25 years, disappears almost silently. Here are the stats regarding Sisley Treviso:


National trophies:
9 National titles
5 Italy Cups
7 Italian Super Cups

International trophies:
European Cups/Champions League – 4
Cup Winners’ Cup/CEV Cups – 2
CEV Cups/Challenge Cups – 4
2 European Super Cups


Youth titles:
8 Junior League titles
4 Junior Championships
3 Boys Championship
1 Under 17 Championship


The Sisley Treviso team has played 1,111 games, 220 with tie-breaks (Championship 620 RS + 193 PO – Italy Cup  94 – 204 Cup).
Played 4,154 sets, with total 105,111 minutes (1,752 hours) of actual play.
3 to 0 victory was the most common result: 430 times (39% of the matches played).

Sisley played against 118 clubs (54 Italian and 64 foreign).
Italy: Modena (103 games) – Cuneo (82) – Montichiari/Monza (68)
Foreign: Maaseik Bel e Tours Fra (10) – Friedrichshafen Ger (9)

There were total of 348 referees in Sisley games, of which 145 were the Italian referees, and 203 foreigners.
The Italians: Massimo Menghini (80 games) – Luciano Gaspari (73) – Massimo Cinti (69)
Foreigners: Hobor Hun (10) – Koncnik Slo (9) – Salonen Fin (7)

148 athletes played for Sisley, including 43 foreigners
Farina, with 609 games (14 seasons), was the most present, followed by Papi (579-13), Cisolla (496-13), Bernardi (464-12) and Fei (463-11)

Players from total 23 nationalities played for Sisley.
The Netherlands with 7 athletes has supplied the most players.

Dmitry Fomin (Russia) and Ron Zwerver (Netherlands) were present for 6 seasons, followed by Gustavo Endres (Brazil) and Robert Horstnik (Netherlands) with 5. Zwerver played 265 games, Fomin 243.

The smallest player was Kim Ho Chul with 175 cm and the tallest was Stas Dineikin with 216 cm. The youngest was Cosimo Gallotta (17 years) and oldest Samuele Papi (37 years).

The most popular jersey number was 11, worn by 14 athletes: Boninfante, Brogioni, Capra, De Togni, Di Franco, Giretto, Gustafson, Gustavo, Mendez, Moretti, Posthuma, Seiffert, Schadchin, Strehlau.

The number 9 was worn by Ho Chul and Bernardi, and number 17 by Ricardo and Ogurcak.

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