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ITA M: Atanasijević – “The ball went at least 150 km/h…”

by WoV
source: blic.rs; Photo: eurosport.onet.pl

The opposite of Perugia Aleksandar Atanasijevic has spoken again about the strong spike during the match of his team and Verona. He described what happened to him to hit that ball so strong and hurt Sander.



Honestly, I was nervous because we were losing and I wanted to smash that ball. I think that speed of ball was 150 km/hr. He spread the hands while trying to block me and it was wrong decision. I can’t imagine what would have happened if the ball hit him in the face. Of course, I didn’t do it on purpose. We met a few days ago he confirmed that he is fine. I think that we will remember this until the end of our lives” says Atanasijevic for blic.rs. 


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