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SUPERCOPPA LIVE from PalaPanini: Perugia down Lube and advance to the finals!

by WoV

For the first time in competition's history, SuperCoppa will feature four teams. Modena have already advanced to the finals, while Lube and Perugia will decide in a direct clash who will be the 2nd finalists. Follow live play by play coverage from PalaPanini hall here at WorldofVolley.



In the 2nd semifinals of the Italian Supercup, Sir Safety Perugia downed Cucine Lube Civitanova and scheduled a big clash against Azimut Modena on Sunday evening. 

Perugia and Lube played a thrilling game which was decided by one block – At the end of the 3rd set Marko Podraščanin stopped Tsvetan Sokolov for 31:29 and Perugia seized the decisive lead at 2-1 in sets. Eventually, the Serbian middle blocker was the one who finished this match, and he did it in style – with an ace service!


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
1st game 24. 09. 2016 16:00 Azimut MODENA vs Diatec TRENTINO 3:1 25-19, 25-23, 21-25, 25-23    
2nd game 24. 09. 2016 18:30 Cucine Lube CIVITANOVA vs Sir Safety Conad PERUGIA 1:3 22:25, 25:21, 29:31, 19:25     

19:25 – Marko Podrščanin makes ace and Perugia are in the finals! 

14:21 – Perugia are cruising toward the finals… 

11:18 – Podrascanin kills quick attack

10:16 – Glimmer of hope to Lube. Stankovic scores ace

8:16 – Lube players can’t get a grip in this set

8:14 – One of the most beautiful points tonight – Stankovic blocks Podrascanin with only one arm!

7:14 – Sokolov shots out of bounds

7:12 – Blengini forced to call time-out, game is slipping away from his team

6:10 – Berger unstoppable

5:8 – Birarelli commits net violation for who knows how many time

3:5 – Juantorena authoritatively suggests his coach Blengini to call for video check and he was right, his spike indeed touched the block 

2:4 – Mighty kill by Sokolov one-one-one

1:4 – Quick attack by Podrascanin puts a crown on amazing rally!

1:3 – This Juantorena is more precise 

0:2 – Zaystev sets block against Juantorena

4th set


29:31 – Podrascanin blocks Sokolov! Perugia take 2-1!

29:30 – Zaytsev converts counter attack

29:28 – Sokolov blocks Zaytsev

28:28 – Sokolov goes one-on-one

26:27 – Set ball for Perugia

26:26 – De Cecco leaves Russell without block

25:24 – Candellaro blocks Birarelli’s quick attack

24:24 – Cebulj kills one-on-one

23:24 – Zaytsev does not make mistake twice in a row

23:23 – Triple block grounds Zaytsev! Time-out Kovac

21:23 – Berger block Junatorena’s tip over!

21:22 – Russell on the fire

20:21 – HUGE ace by Zaytsev, Perugia takes the lead again! Time-out Blengini

19:18 – Juantorena jumps with a slight delay and tricks Perugia’s block

17:16 – Beautiful pipe bz Juantorena

16:15 – De Cecco’s moment of inspiration goes wrong, spikes wide

14:14 – Lube’s two point lead didn’t last long

14:13 – Stankovic serves in the net

13:12 – Lube takes the lead for the first time, Zaytsev spikes wide

11:11 – Juantorena spikes strongly and afterwards, Zaytsev sends ball out of bounds

9:11 – Zaytsev converts counter attack

6:7 – De Cecco with an amazing set, Birarrelli finishes 

2:4 – Juantorena hits the net

2:3 – Lube with a good reaction

1:2 – Berger scores ace to give Perugia lead at the beginning of the third set

3rd set


25:21 – Lube have tied the score in sets!

24:20 – Sokolov is on fire! 

23:20 – Mistake from the service line, Sokolov

23:19 – Sokolov scores an ace

22:19 – Russell sends ball out of bounds from the service line

20:18 – Ace! Stankovic 

18:17 – Dragan Stankovic gives lube another lead

17:16 – Sokolov keeps Lube ahead

15:15 – Now, Tsetso misses the court

15:14 – Tsetso hits Zaytsev and scores

14:14 – Great action by Lube, Juantorena finish the rally

13:13 – Tsetso Sokolov with an ace

11:12 – Ivan Zaytsev scores then commits service mistake

10:11 – Juantorena with serve mistake

10:10 – Birarelli misses 

8:10 – Perugia inrease the lead 

8:9 – Russell gives PErugia new lead

8:8 – The second set is very uncertain so far

4:6 Birarelli shortens serve and ACE

4:4 Berger again

3:3 Successful pipe by Berger

2:2 – Klemen Cebulj ties

1:2 – Ivan Zaytsev again with a good finish

2nd set


22:25 – Amazing finish of Zaytsev! Perugia have 1-0 lead

22:24 – Tsetso Sokolov stops Ivan Zaytsev

21:24 – Lube saves the first set point

18:21 – Good reaction by Berger

18:20 – Zaytsev’s mistake

17:20 – Stankovic commits mistake from the service lline

17:19 – Berger sends ball wide, Lube are back

16:19 – Sokolov tricks Berger

15:18 – Cebulj with a brilliant finish

11:16 – Zaytsev finds the way

9:12 – Zaytsev sends ball out of bounds

8:12 – Klebem Cebulj scores for Lube

7:12 – Zaytsev now with a huge block

7:11 – Podrascanin with a new block

7:10 – Marko Podrascanin with a good block on Sokolov

7:9 – Mistake by Tsvetan Sokolov

6:6 – Stankovic with a mistake from the service line

5:5 – Russell sends ball wide

4:3 – This time, Juantorena score and Lube have the lead

1:2 – Juantorena makes mistake

1st set

Teams have finished warm up!


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