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DOM W: Brenda Castillo suspended

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source: volleywood.net; Photo: google.com

The Dominican Republic’s volleyball federation has decided to suspend one of the world’s best liberos, Brenda Castillo, for 1 year due to erratic behavior and mental instability.


Brenda Castillo

According to a very reliable source:

There has been tons of issues with her due to her behavior.

She is a megastar but her personal issues and her erratic behavior are becoming too much to handle for her teammates and for the coaching staff. When Brenda is having a bad day for unknown reasons, she creates a lot of drama & other unnecessary troubles.

The last couple of years have been very tough for her. She suffered a miscarriage last year and even got into a fight with some fans while in Peru for a volleyball tournament.

Brenda hasn’t been emotionally and mentally stable at all. She needs to go see a therapist or seek medical treatment before her condition becomes more serious.

Federation President Ramón A. García & President of the Women’s National Team Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz are well informed about the situation and agreed to suspend her because they strongly believe this is the ONLY way for Brenda to become healthy again.

Both officials believe that keeping Brenda on the team would stop her from getting treatment, will affect the team’s cohesion and will limit the success of the women’s national team.

The source also adds that there’s a very slim chance for Brenda to return and play at the World Grand Prix.

All we can say is that we hope it all works out for Brenda. She is such an amazing and talented young player who still has a lot of volleyball years ahead of her.

If the people close to her strongly believe that a 1 year suspension will help her, then let it be.

As for the National Team, the show must go on and they will head to Peru this Saturday for the 2013 Pan American Cup.

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