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European Medical Commission to fight against doping

by WoV

The European Medical Commission (EMC) chaired by Prof. Dr. Manfred Holzgraefe rounded out a busy schedule this month for the CEV organs with their annual meeting also taking place in Luxembourg City on Saturday.



The European Medical Commission is closely cooperating with the European Refereeing Commission (ERC) to check the health of all international referees and make sure that all those who are appointed to officiate are in a good general condition. “This is one of the main tasks we have been given by the CEV Board and together with our friends and colleagues of the Refereeing Commission we have moved things forward and helped improve on the general condition of our referees” Mr. Holzgraefe explains. The EMC and ERC have worked together on identifying some tools to test the physical and psychological abilities of the referees, something that the Commissions would like to introduce already this year.

The Commission also continues its fight against doping. “We have to remain vigilant and continue to inform the players, as well as their coaches and medical staff about the latest updates of the WADA regulations” says the EMC President. “Volleyball is a clean and fair sport, so we are all very committed to preserve that image. All these actions shall help us stay drug-free and reinforce the positive message that people already associate to our sport” Prof. Dr. Holzgraefe concludes.

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