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BUL: Sokolov Player of the Year

by WoV

Tsvetan Sokolov became 2013 Volleyball Player of the Year in Bulgaria in a poll conducted by Sportal.bg. The opposite of Italy’s Diatec TRENTINO gathered 10,099 of the 16,551 votes cast by the site’s users to win by a landslide. This is the first time 25-year-old Tsvetan Sokolov wins the trophy of Sportal.bg’s annual poll.

Tsvetan Sokolov

Player of the Year

Final Standings
1. Tsvetan Sokolov – 10,099 votes 
2. Matey Kaziyski – 2,178 
3. Ivaylo Stefanov – 845 
4. Todor Aleksiev – 717 
5. Todor Skrimov – 482 
6. Georgi Bratoev – 385 
7. Boyan Yordanov – 330 
8. Teodor Salparov – 276 
9. Andrey Zhekov – 196 
10. Viktor Yosifov – 160


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