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CHN W: This could easily be new world record – Sichuan opposite completes 110 spikes in one game

by WoV

Miao Yiwen, a young opposite hitter for the Chinese women’s volleyball top division side Sichuan, made an unusual number of attacks yesterday that reached three digits!

Miao Yiwen (Photo: sports.sohu.com)

The new season of the 2022–23 Women’s Super League is in full swing. In a contest in Group F of the first stage, Sichuan defeated Henan 3-2 (20-25, 25-22, 26-24, 17-25, 16-14) yesterday in a duel between the two teams from the lower half of the standings.

In this game, Miao Yiwen, the starting opposite hitter for Sichuan, completed 110 spikes in 5 sets! At the same time, she scored a game-high 41 points. Is this the new world record? We don’t have the statistics and couldn’t find them, but it’s most likely the record, at least when it comes to professional volleyball. Yiwen’s spike success rate wasn’t that great though (33.6%), and the offensive efficiency was 16.4%. She converted 37 hits, made 8 errors, and was blocked 11 times. However, it’s indeed not easy to complete 110 spikes in a single game and have a high success rate, don’t you think? Sichuan is using Yiwen as the first and obviously, the only option in the attack due to the large gap between the rest of the team and her qualities. She’s only 22 years old, and there’s still room for improvement in various skills.

Yiwen debuted for the China National Team in the FIVB VNL this year.

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