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GP 2014: Top 10 blockers in Group 1

by WoV

The Brazilian middle blocker Thaisa Menezes leads in the Group 1 at the list of the best blockers, after the first weekend of the World grand Prix 2014.

Brazilian blockers

Adenizia and Thaisa

1. Thaisa Menezes (Brazil) 11 (1,10 by set)

2. Irina Fetisova (Russia) 14 (1,08)

3. Kubra Akman (Turkey) 14 (1,08)

4. Fabiana Claudino (Brazil) 10 (1)

5. Christiane Furst (Germany) 9 (0,90)

6. Cristina Chirichella (Italy) 9 (0,82)

7. Fe Garay (Brazil) 8 (0,80)

8. Rachael Adams (USA) 11 (0,79)

9. Candida Perez (Dominican Republic) 7 (0,78)

10. Yunli Xu (China) 8 (0,67)…


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