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FIVB W: Ebata, Kimura star in Japan victory over Thailand

by WoV
source: fivb.org

Japan rolled past Thailand in straight sets (25-17, 25-18, 25-21) to rack up its third straight victory on the third day of action in the FIVB Women's World Olympic Qualifying Tournament at Tokyo Metropolitan Gym on Tuesday.


Japan – Thailand

The Japanese squad stopped their opponents by establishing a huge 17-4 advantage in blocks.

Yukiko Ebata sparked Japan with 21 points, while Saori Kimura contributed 15.  Malika Kanthong led Thailand with 13 points while Onuma Sittirak added eight.

Japan (3-0) utilized a mix of speed and power to overwhelm Thailand, which slid to 1-2 after the defeat. The Japanese also made several fine digs to keep points alive and ultimately win them.

A block by Mai Yamaguchi gave Japan 4-1 at the start of the first set and Thailand then called a timeout. Yamaguchi‘s spike made it 7-2 for Japan and a reception error by the Thails put Japan up 8-2 at the first TTO. An Ebata spike put Japan in front 11-4 as Thailand struggled to stay in contact. Kimura’s spike put the count at 13-7, but Sittirak slowed Japan with a spike and Tomkom Nootsara followed with a service ace. A spike by Kanthong pulled Thailand with four points at 14-10. Japan was up 16-10 at the second TTO. Another Yamaguchi spike made it 18-12 for Japan. With Japan on top 20-13, Thailand called a timeout. Ebata pounded a spike for 22-15 as Japan closed in on the set. Onuma ripped a spike to make it 23-15. A spike by Maiko Kano made it 24-17 and Kimura blasted a spike to give Japan the set 25-17.

Ebata racked up eight points in the set, while Kanthong and Sittirak had four points each. Ebata’s block gave Japan a 5-2 edge in the second set and Thailand called timeout. An ace by Tomkom made it 5-4 and they moved in front 6-5 on a reception error. Japan retook the lead 7-6 on a Kimura spike that leveled Kanthong and led 8-6 at the first TTO. A Kimura block made it 10-7 for Japan, but Thailand was start to show energy in its play. Tomkom’s block tied it 11-11 but Japan went back in front after a long rally. Back and forth it went, with neither side able to gain a significant advantage. A service error put Japan in front 16-15 at the second TTO. Yamaguchi‘s spike saw Japan move ahead by three at 18-15 and Ebata followed with a spike for 19-15. Kanthong‘s service error made it 21-17 for Japan and Ebata followed with a big smash as Japan eyed the set. Japan claimed the set 25-18 on consecutive blocks by Maiko.

Japan picked up where they left off in the third set with a Kimura spike making it 4-1. A service error by Kanthong saw Japan move ahead 7-4 and was up 8-5 at the first TTO. A spike by Sittirak made it 9-6. Thailand substituted freely in an attempt to slow Japan, but nothing seemed to work for them on this night. Araki hammered a spiked and Japan was in front 12-7. Kimura missed a spike and Thailand crept within two at 12-10 and Japan called time. Blocks by Kimura and Kanako Hirai took Japan into the second TTO up 16-11. Thailand came within two at 16-14 on a reception error and Japan took time. Wilavan Apinyapong  sent a spike into the net and Japan led 18-15. Trailing 19-15, the Thais called a timeout. Ebata‘s spike made it 21-17 as Japan made a final push for the finish line. An Ebata block put Japan within two points of victory at 23-18. Kimura’s spike made it match point at 24-21 and Ebata made a beautiful dig that ended with another Kimura spike and victory for Japan at 25-21.

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