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JPN M: “I dream to play against Brazil and Rezende in Olympics” said Nambu Masashi

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source: superliga.cbv.com.br

The coach of the men's national team of Japan, Nambu Masashi enjoys in Brazil; learning and watching each move in Superliga.

Nambu Masashi

Nambu Masashi

The coach of the East team will spend two weeks in Brazil following the trainings of Brazilian teams and some games of the Superliga. 

Last week Masashi was accompanied Rexona training and time spent with Rezende was very special:

I really like Rezende as a coach and I have learned a lot during the practice. The possibility of following his tactics and way of play is something incredible” said Nambu and added:

The combined work of the moves with the players that Rezende does is fantastic. We were able to train with the Brazilian team in Japan when they did acclimatization there and it was very positive

Masashi had a chance to train some Brazilian players in Japanese league:

I trained in Panasonic Panthers Dante and Thiago Alves. Their influence on our team was very positive

At the end he said:

I dream to play against Brazil in the Olympics. Rezende is my idol and I would love to play against him in the Olympics in Rio“.


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