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WoV Dream Team: The finals starts now!

by WoV

There are only two players left on each position. Who will enter the WoV Dream Team? You will decide in the next seven days!



The Round 3 of the WoV Dream Team contest is over and we are saying goodbye to another 16 players. This is how the things look like before the final week.

Speaking about the men’s competition, the players who are eliminated from the contest are: Bruno Rezende, Aleksandar Atanasijević, Marko Ivović, Ricardo Lucarelli, Jenia Grebennikov, Robertlandy Simon and Emanuele Birarelli.

The grand finale will especially be exciting on the position of Receiver 2, where Bartosz Kurek and Osmany Juantorena are really close, and on the position of Middle Blocker 1, where Dmitriy Muserskiy is rapidly approaching to Piotr Nowakowski.

As for the women’s competition, you have decided to eliminate following players: Naz Aydemir, Demir Neslihan, Bethania De La Cruz, Helena Havelkova, Giulia Leonardi, Maja Poljak and Christiane Furst.

It will be interesting to see in the final week who has more fans in the volleyball world – Kim Yeon-Koung or Anna Werblinska, as these two players will have a close race for the best Receiver 1.

Keep voting. There is only one week left, so the clock is ticking. Who will enter the WoV Dream Team for the season 2014/15?

Final results for Round 3




Marouf 9994

Tomkom 5309

Drzyzga 7715

Ognjenovic 2952

Bruninho 4600

Naz 1309



Wlazly 9381

Sheilla 4597

Sokolov 7105 Diouf 2410
Atanasijevic 5152

Neslihan 1608

Receivers 1:

Receivers 1:

Leon 10053

Kim 5007

Conte 6470

Werblinska 3416

Ivovic 4272

De la Cruz 1509

Receivers 2:

Receivers 2:

Kurek 8418

Larson-Burbach 4865

Juantorena 7996

Kosheleva 2912

Lucarelli 5041

Havelkova 1866



Salparov 10216

Castillo 5233

Ignaczak 7542

Camila 2495

Grebennikov 3758

Leonardi 1688

Middle Blockers 1:

Middle blockers 1:

Nowakowski 8351

Rasic 3901

Muserskiy 8155

Bednarek-Kasza 3139

Simon 4302

Poljak 2344

Middle Blockers 2:

Middle blockers 2:

Mousavi 9371

Akinradewo 4737

Klos 7722

Thaisa 3147

Birarelli 3709

Furst 1944


Do not forget that you can vote via Facebook and Twitter, by leaving a comment. Every vote on the Social Networks is worth 3 points.

You can also vote by leaving a comment on the article at our website. Every comment on our website will be counted as 1 point.

At the end of every week we will combine your votes with the points from your comments. The player with the least number of votes will be eliminated from the competition every Monday!

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