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SLO M: “I love this sport, and I love helping the players” said Andrea Giani

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What to do when you are one of the greatest stars of the sport, and you decide to put an end to your playing career?

Andrea Giani


For Italian legend Andrea Giani the question that haunts many athletes on the dawn of their sporting lives had a very simple answer: To give back all the blessings that Volleyball had bestowed upon him. Also, to make a difference in younger generations.  

I love this sport, and I love helping the players. That’s the difference from when I was a player; back then, I focussed on technique, on spiking, on serving… now my only weapon is my word, and I am glad that I have the opportunity to use it to pass all my experience,” said Andrea Giani, one of the most celebrated Italian players of all times and one of the most distinguished Volleyball stars in the history of the sport.   

It was not an easy transition for Giani, who took a long time to get ready for the new stage in his life.

In the last four years of my playing career, I prepared to be a coach, so for me there was no doubt that I would continue my bond with Volleyball,” declared the three-time world champion. “I have thought a lot about passing the torch to new generations. For someone like me, who has played for so many years, I know very well that in order to be a good trainer, I needed to have a lot of energy inside me; this energy that I have is what gives me the ability to coach. I enjoy so much what I do, and it has been so rewarding, that this is actually the battery that keeps charging me,” commented the Volleyball hall-of-famer.

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