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CRO: Volleyteam camp new reality of volleyball in Croatia

by WoV
source: odbojka.hr

Finally the 17.06. started a long awaited volleyball camp in Porec, under the expert guidance of our well known international expert Ljubo Travica.


Volleyteam Camp

At the opening of the camp honored us with their presence the captain and the Italian national team setter Cristian Savani and Dragan Travica. The objectives of the camp are to provide education and training of volleyball techniques to develop socialization, a sense of friendship by working together and of course fun. Coaching staff for the first group consists of experienced trainers who have a longstanding working with all ages: Dragan Salapura, Zina Urlić, Miodrag Stojakovic and Samuel Benussi under close supervision Ljuba Travica. Mutual cooperation and alternation of the experience is desire of professional staff to enable the participants of the camp as high quality and effective training course with the appropriate ratio of work and fun.

Currently, the camp are male and female volleyball players from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, while the last group we expect male and female volleyball players from Poland, Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Camp program covers all categories of younger ages 9 to 17 years, included in several working groups depending on the age and quality (volleyball knowledge). The camp is unlike many other works in the gym, and indoor sports center “Zelena laguna“.

In addition to the above mentioned guests we guaranteed arrival at camp: Ivan Miljkovic, Igor Omrčen and Natasa Osmokrović.

We invite all interested and curious to see our page on the link volleyteam.org where you can find plenty of information that may interest you as everyday life in pictures and video you can follow on facebook profile Volleyteam Camp.

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