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KOR W: Expressway stopped stunning streak of IBK

by WoV

After 12 consecutive wins in the Korean Championship, IBK got stopped by Expressway!



It had to happen at one point. IBK suffered home defeat against Expressway and it was the very first defeat for the leader on the standings in 2016! Recall that IBK lost the game last time in the Korean Championship back on December 5, 2015!

The player of the game was without any doubt Leslie Cikra. Young American was simply unstoppable, as she put up 39 points for the winning side. 

KOR National Championship 2015/2016 / Female / Seniors

Date/Time Teams Set Result per set
09. 02. 2016 16:00 IBK Altos vs hi-pass Zenith Korea Expressway 22:25, 25:23, 17:25, 17:25 



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