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IRN M: Bad news – Assistant coach of Paykan had heart attack…

by WoV

Bad news is coming from Iran…



Unfortunately, during the practice two days ago, the 43-year old assistant coach Reza Ebrahimi of Paykan had heart attack.

On the way to the hospital, all vital signs of his body went away. He had heart stoppage for a short time then he started having troubles with brain functions. 

After heart revival, doctors are trying to remove the brain complication. He is not in well condition and he is under medical controls in the special care unit in Atyeh Hospital.


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wow March 10, 2016 - 5:10 pm

Assistant coat of Paykan got heat attack during a very ‘dirty’ meeting in which Paykan was pressuring Sarmayeh go give up the final system which was playing for 3 wins!!! Paykan is playing very dirty games constantly trying to change games dates!!! They did change it to just another game to be played on Monday instead of originally playing on thurday today and friday tomorrow!!! Paykan dirty game is they saint because there are old old historian club they suppost to win and make rules !!! Paykan should get disqualified for using this kind of methods!!! They already tried to change first game date!!! They are constantly assaulting Sarmayeh club! Paykan makes pressure on iranian federation to make and change rules!!!


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