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WoV Blog: Volleyball – Entertainment or Business?

by WoV
source: Photo: Michał Stańczyk/newspix.pl/eurosport.onet.pl

It started from Poland and Polish volleyball teams, a few days ago, when they began withdrawing from the CEV European competitions. They say they don't have any benefits of playing these competitions since they don't have rosters which are strong enough to win!? Otherwise, it's just a huge expense for them.



Let’s try to find out the expenses and the benefits of playing one CEV European competition. Playing games means travelling around the Europe, paying airline tickets, accommodation in 4 stars hotel, costs of organization if it’s about the home matches, etc. In average, this expenses go around 10,000-20,000 Euros per game. There are about 8-12 games if the team go all the way to the Final Round (Final Four or Finals). The total sum is around 150,000 Euros, maybe even more. That’s a lot of money for volleyball nowadays. Maybe not for the teams with X million-Euros budgets, but there are only a few of them left today. You can count them on the fingers of your one hand. 

Beside the trophy and writing the European volleyball history in case of success, winning the CEV Champions League or other CEV competition brings you a symbolic economic reward (a few tens of thousands Euros). Furthermore, the biggest financial gain would have to be to get the higher visibility of team’s sponsors throughout European countries. But the fact is that only a few teams have sponsors with the target group in Europe, mostly they are local companies who want to be associated with the team in local community. 

Volleyball is far away from business. It will be difficult to change it in a short period of time. Let’s leave the rules of the game aside. But, football and basketball are far ahead in the organization, sponsorship, marketing, approach to fans, etc. Only with a way of thinking towards the business model of volleyball, there is a chance that teams will find the good reason to join and compete on an international level. 

How to sell what we have? This could be a better question than just wondering is it good enough. Don’t you agree?


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dee jae69 May 15, 2016 - 12:24 am

volleyball is a good entertainment include long rallies, home court, rival team, but its also a business, you are investing your money to a FAMOUS CLUB because it promotes your COMPANY. the thing with volleyball their is big BUT. BUT volleyball is not well promoted in other countries, only RUSSIA, ITALY, POLAND, GERMANY are well promoted but still not yet enough WHY? looked what happen to DHL MODENA they won 3 domestic league title but their major sponsor left them. and no one is taking a risk to invest to their CLUB thats heart breaking, imagine they are seeking for help for their FANS thats kind wow moment were its like they are hopeless to save the CLUB, they bad thing about some clubs they always need to think a head if for example a major sponsor says only 1 YEAR why not begin to talk to other companies, or go to china or japan to find good sponsor,

Axe May 15, 2016 - 2:54 pm

@dee jae69 And do you knoiw why volleyball is not so well promoted in all countries? Because volleyball players and leagues are considered as amateur. Fun. Entertainment. DHL came to Modena for one year because they had some interest but not more. And the sponsor of MODENA was DHL Italy, Italian branch of DHL international. So it means they were targeting Italian market and not worldwide. DHL would never consider italian volleyball team to support… And I also don/t see why one japanese company would come to be sponsor of one volleyball team from Europe? The best solution for me would be get one strong chinese or japanese player to play and use him to get this sponsor

dee jae69 May 16, 2016 - 1:06 am

@Axe yeah i know im just saying what happen to modena lol. if they act quick like before when they get a japanese sponsor and bring yuki ishikawa to their squad this thing might not happen to them


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