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POL M: Aleh Akhrem – This is my second home

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source: rzeszow.sport.pl

Asseco Resovia RZESZOW won the Plus Liga finals third game and if they win today they will remain the champions of Poland. Aleh Akhrem, Asseco's captain, holds a great part of the success. WorldofVolley brings you the latest volleyball news.


Asseco’s fans held an Aleh Akhrem flag to show their support

You made the next step to win the championship. Half of the plan is executed.

It’s nice that we won, and convincingly, 3-0. But tomorrow is a new day, a new game, and ZAKSA will definitely play better. We also have to play better, to be focused and efficient.

They can’t play play worse. They made a lot of mistakes.

For sure tomorrow will be another game, heavier. But I hope that we will be like a rock, we will stand firmly and put pressure on them.

Will “Fortress Rzeszów” crash and explode with joy at the end of the match?

I’d love to make it happen. But I do not want to say anything, I always respect the opponent.

Before the game meeting fans in one of the sectors stretched a flagwith your picture and the inscription: “Alek – thank you that you are in Rzeszow. Lead us to the championship, our captain.” What did you feel?

It was very nice for me, I’m treated well here, I feel at home. This is my second home. I am very glad that people respect me here. I promise the fans that I will never play for any other Polish club! Only for Resovia or I will go.

So are you staying for the next season?

Still talking, but we are close to an agreement.

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