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GP: Roster of Poland for 1st weekend

by WoV

The head coach of Poland, Piotr Makowski announced the roster of his team for the first weekend of the 2013 FIVB World Granc Prix, which Poland will play in Brazil.



At the tournament in Campinas, Poland will play against Brazil, USA and Russia.

On the Makowski`s list for Brazil are:

Setters: Milena Sadurek-Radecka, Joanna Wolsz

Opposites: Katerzyna Skowronska-Dolata, Joanna Kaczor

Receivers: Karolina Kosek-Rozycka, Katarzyna Konieczna, Ewelina Sieczka,Patrycja Polak

Middle blockers: Monika Martalek, Agnieszka Kakolewska, Zuzanna Efimienko, Maja Tokarska

Liberos: Paulina Maj, Krystyna Strasz.

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