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POL M: Politechnika Warszawska went to training camp

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source: Photo: aktualnosci.siatka.org

On Sunday, Politechnika players went to training camp. The aim is to unite the team and establish internal rules. Paweł Kaczorowski also went with the team although he has not yet signed the contact.

Jakub Bednaruk, the coach of Politechnika

Jakub Bednaruk, the coach of Politechnika

The trip to Gdańsk is to integrate the team. Coach Jakub Bednaruk also wants to establish some rules that would be applied to all team members.

“Before we start pouring sweat in training, it is better that we establish some rules for the group. Each coach must identify boundaries that neither the coaching staff nor the players cannot cross. We are one family, probably there will be some arguments with each other, but that requires the person to make the decisions”, he explains for Warszawa media.

Training is limited to the gym, playing beach volleyball or riding a bicycle. This Friday, the team will return to the capital, and on Monday it will begin the next stage of preparation for the upcoming season.

The coach Bednaruk also took Paweł Kaczorowski to the seaside camp, who was last season a member of Camper Wyszków. Although the player still has not signed for the club from Warszawa, he went to preparations. The team certainly wants to fill the gap left by the departure of Paweł Siezieniewski.
We recall that so far Politechnika has contracted Mateusz Sacharewicz, Maciej Stępień, Juraj Zatko, Adrian Radu Gontariu, Artur Szalpuka and Dawid Gunia.

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