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CL M: Historic success! Resovia will play at F4!!!

by WoV
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Asseco Resovia will play on the Champions League F4 for the first time in the club’s history! Polish giant needed two sets in the rematch against Lokomotiv, and that is exactly how many they took. Russians scored a tie-break win as a small comfort.



If we have to name the MVP of this fantastic success, than it would be Nikolay Penchev. He was simply amazing in attack, and he was the one who was pushing Resovia forward throughout the whole match. 


Home Matches 04. 03. 2015 19:00 Lokomotiv Novosibirsk vs Asseco Resovia Rzeszów 1:3 25:20; 21:25; 27:29; 17:25 STAT  
Away Matches 11. 03. 2015 20:30 Asseco Resovia Rzeszów vs Lokomotiv Novosibirsk 2:3 20:25, 25:19, 25:22, 19:25, 15:17     

Read the full play by play game report down below.


15:17, ACE!!! One more great serve by Oreol Camejo. Lokomotiv wins the game by 3-2, but it is Resovia which advances to the Champions League Final Four!

15:16, ACE!!! Oreol Camejo. 

15:15, Camejo scores again. 

15:14, Buszek brings another match-point for Resovia. 

14:14, Camejo ties the score. 

14:13, Paul Lotman with excellent attack. 

13:13, But Buszek then makes a service mistake. 

13:12, Buszek is on fire in tie-break.

12:12, Oooooh what a block by Camejo. Time-out Resovia. 

12:10, Resovia takes two in a row. Time-out Lokomotiv. 

10:10, Samsonichev answers on the other side with block.

10:8, Buszek now blocks Moroz and brings +2 to Resovia. Time-out Lokomotiv. 

8:7, Buszek brings the lead to Resovia. 

4:5, Camejo with strong block. 

3:3, All tied.

2:1, Big block of Konarski on Eremin. 



19:25, Holmes makes two mistakes, and Lokomotiv ties the score at 2-2 in sets. Small comfort for the away team. 

18:21, Konarski with a strong spike. 

16:20, Several service mistakes on both sides. 

14:17, Camejo got blocked twice. 

12:17, ACE!!! David Lee!

12:16, Russians escape to +4.

11:14, Three in a row for Lokomotiv. 

11:11, ACE!!! Rafal Buszek!

7:8, Moroz scores and Lokomotiv has the lead at the first TTO. 

3:4, Resovia made some subs after securing the F4.



25:22, IT”S OVER!!! Jochen Schops scores and and Resovia goes to Berlin!!!

24:22, Penchev scores again!!! Block-out!

23:22, Penchev brings back the lead to Resovia. 

22:22, ACE!!! Artem Volvich. Time-out Resovia.

22:21, Camejo with very strong spike. 

22:20, Nowakowski spikes for +2.

21:20, Butko with great reaction on the net.

21:19, Ivovic takes point this time. Block-out.

20:19, Volvich blocks Ivovic.

20:18, Divis stops the run of Resovia. Time-out Resovia. 

20:17, ACE!!! Jochen Schops! Time-out Lokomotiv.

19:17, It’still +2 for Resovia. 

18:16, One point for each side.

17:15, Another mistake of Lokomotiv, this time it was double-contact. 

16:15, Lee with great save, but then he makes mistake.

14:15, Big one-on-one block by Zemchenok on Schops.

13:13, Butko with strong block!

13:11, Three points in a row for Resovia! Time-out Lokomotiv. 

10:11, Schops sends the ball way out.

10:10, Zemchenok scores and ties the score again.

9:8, Penchev ended up hitting the bench while trying to save the ball, but the point went to Lokomotiv.

9:7, ACE!!! Jochen Schops!

8:7, Excellent defense of Resovia, and Nowakowski blocks Zemchenok!

6:6, Big mistake of Abrosimov. He had a clear spike, but he smashed the ball into net. 

4:5, Zemchenok scores and keeps Lokomotiv ahead.

2:3, Butko with smart “drop”.



25:19, Divis out! Resovia tied the score at 1-1 in sets!

24:19, Zemchenok out!

23:19, ACE!!! Marko Ivovic!

22:19, Divis sends the ball out of bounds! Time-out Lokomotiv. 

21:19, Nowakowski with a sky jump and a big kill.

20:19, One more serve mistake, Schops this time. 

20:18, The margin is the same. 

19:17, Great block of Nowakowski on Abrosimov. Time-out Lokomotiv.

18:17, Two serve mistakes, one on each side. 

17:16, One more point by Penchev. Amazing. 

16:15, Penchev again! Three in a row for excellent Bulgarian!

15:15, Fantastic set by Dzyzga and a cannon ball spike by Penchev!

14:15, Penchev scores! Two points in a row for Resovia. 

12:15, Camejo spikes above the block!

11:14, Volvich brings +3 for the away team. Time-out Resovia, 

11:13, Butko blocks Penchev one-on-one.

10:12, ACE!!! Denis Zemchenok! He is unstoppable!

10:10, ACE!!! Jochen Schops!

8:10, Fantastic two saves by Drzyzga, but Divis takes the point at the end.

7:9, Zemchenok is on fire, one more strong spike of Lokomotiv opposite. 

7:8, Abrosimov brings the lead to Lokomotiv before the first TTO.

6:6, It’sall tied in Rzeszow.

4:4, ACE!!! Fourth ace of Lukas Divis on this game!

4:2, Penchev uses a counter-attack and brings +2 to Resovia.

3:2, Ivovic with very, very strong spike.



20:25, Volvich ends the first set with a strong spike – Lokomotiv takes the opening lead! 

19:24, ACE!!! Lukas Divis!

19:22, Nowakowski blocks Volvich.

17:22, Zemchenok now scores with spike!

17:21, ACE!!! Denis Zemchenok once again! Time-out Resovia.

17:20, ACE!!! Denis Zemchenok!

17:19, Divis stops the run of Resovia.

17:18, ACE!!! Russell Holmes! Time-out Lokomotiv.

16:18, Ivovic blocks Zemchenok!

15:18, Ivovic with such a strong spike.

14:17, Ace by Penchev!

12:17, Camejo is just amazing in block.

11:16, Ace by Butko!

11:15, Camejo blocks Schops!

11:14, Bomb by Divis.

10:12, Penchev with great counter-attack.

8:12, Lokomotiv takes another point, time-out Resovia. 

8:11, Penchev got blocked! 

6:8, Zemchenok keeps +2 for the away team.

4:6, Camejo with strong spike. 

4:5, Lokomotiv with a better opening.

2:2 – All tied so far.



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