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POL W: Atomic Girls win egoism, children in need pay back with unforgettable smiles

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Volleyball players are not there simply to entertain fans with their actions on the court. They also play a very important role in drawing people’s attention to social causes and in stimulating their fans to help and support people in need.

Atomic Girls

Atomic Girls

The players of PGE Atom Trefl SOPOT – silver medallists from this year’s CEV Volleyball Cup and Polish national league – have definitely fulfilled this task as this season they have paid regular visits to the young guests of a hospital in Gdansk.

The 2014-2015 season was a special one for the Atomic Girls not only for their busy schedule and outstanding results, but also for the many side activities they joined, including their action to draw everyone’s attention to blood cancer. The stats are alarming since it has been revealed that every 35 seconds one more person on this planet is being affected by this illness. As far as children are concerned, this is the most common cause of death. What’s more only 25% of them can find a suitable donor within their families and even though there are over 25 million potential donors, still every fifth ill child does not find his genetic twin.

The Atomic Girls reveal that the first time they visited the hospital, they were a bit hesitating too. “Of course it is really hard, however there is something more to think about. Your fear may only be due to egoism,” says team captain Izabela Belcik. “If you just go beyond it, these kids will be smiling at you, if only for a while. What is your egoism if you only start thinking about their smiles? Sometimes you have to clench your teeth and move on, ignoring your inner feelings and focussing on what needs to be done,” she continues. 


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