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RIO 2016 M: Lozano – “I do not accept aggressivity as an assault”

by WoV
source: iranvolleyball.com

Iran head coach Raul Lozano tried to calm down the situation after the incident that occurred on the match against Poland.



He stated that he does not blame Michal Kubiak for what happened at the end of the match and that everyone should try to prevent incidents on volleyball courts.

“I accept that charachter and aggressivity is part of the Olympic Games, but I do not accept aggressivity as an assault. I am not saying that just because of what happened here, but because of what happens generally. We need to stop fighting between the rival teams. Insult is violance. Michal Kubiak is a great player and has a great charachter and here I am not speaking about him. I am speaking in general,” said Lozano at the press conference after the match.

You can watch Lozano’s speech from the press conference on the following LINK.    


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0 comment

John Doek August 10, 2016 - 6:17 pm

I am probably old fashioned man, here are my view on some trends in volleyball :
a/ Too much artificial emotions, intimacy on courts, as huggings after every rally, even kissing during matches. In our time we tried to control ourself in up and downs…
b/ Now some coaches can not control themselves , continually interfere into game, some make a theater on a court… Not good example for players. In our time, coaches had to sit, except time-outs…Players could concentrate much better on the match ..
c/ Shouting, provocations – it was also in our time, but too negative, rare . However it existed even among women teams – see Brazil vs. Cuba OG, 96…. Now often promoted by media..
d/ Social media – a new trend, a significant influence on players…
e/ Mass media – too much pressure and manipulation ….
f/ Too many matches per year – top players are tired physically and psychologically – a result- injuries, edgy..
g/ Dietary supplements etc… side effects as aggressiveness , irritation….
h/ On other hand, now there are several national leagues where top international players gather, live and play together, what is superb. So that we expect a mutual respect among them…

dee jae69 August 11, 2016 - 12:34 am

@John Doek everything you said is correct. its way to much, than the old volleyball ways now a days even men kiss there team mates and hugging each other. and too much emotions sometimes players can’t control there emotion.fair comment from lozano but they face ploand in fivb tournaments and france do this thing they laugh at there rival opponents sometimes they bully them. you just got used to it, its already part of game and i dont understand why he kept on mention kubiak how about his player seyed thats why kurek react that way.

John Doek August 10, 2016 - 8:07 pm

/i Last trend – misbehavior of players on a bench…. Referees and FIVB should pay attention also to not verbal insulting of opponents from this side…

Brit August 10, 2016 - 10:57 pm

Fair comment by Iranian coach but why is he mentioning Kubiak’s name constantly. His trying give impression that polish player was the source of the incident. That is very sly imho


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