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POL M: Dariusz Luks: advance to the best eight

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Never before PlusLiga play-offs have be played in the Gdansk, and our club was not among the top eight teams. Therefore, our primary goal is to enter the eight - says Lotos Trefl Gdańsk coach Dariusz Luks. This and other volleyball news read on Worldofvolley.com.


Dariusz Luks

Lotos Tref Gdańsk defeated in the 5th round AZS Czestochowa 3:1. It was the team’s first win of the season.

“I must admit that we wanted to win. Everyone knew what schedule we had at the beginning of the season. We played a really tough match, in which our form are heaving. Although we have a team of experienced players, it’s all the time we must remember that this is a new team. It will take some time before our form to stabilize. Saturday’s meeting in Czestochowa was nervous for both parties. This nervousness was evident the young athletes of Czestochowa, but also for us” said Dariusz Luks.
These nerves were very evident in the second set, who have lost up to 17

“The host had a significant advantage. We were playing in such a way that we can not dream of victory. Do not forget that there are a few players who have great potential. Therefore, in such cases, which occurred in the second set, you need to keep more quiet”.

Despite the nervousness we talked about, it can be seen incredible chemistry between the players. Although, as you pointed out this is a new team built largely from scratch.

“I think that chemistry emerged from the first workout. The team was built for players who are not stars, but volleyball players who want to play together. For me as a coach is very important. In our team, there is no problem with this, to make training at any time. If you decide to train at midnight, no one complains just come to class”.
In the middle of the Saturday’s match on the field appeared Michal Kaminski, who once again showed that he is able to change the team’s style of play. Can we expect that in the next games will be coming out in the starting line?

Michal Kaminski helps the team. However, we must remember that our attacker had seven weeks off in the game because of an ankle injury. This is a very long pause. For this there are still problems with the Achilles tendon. Therefore, we need to gradually introduce him to the game. Wellness coach always takes care of his health and get back into shape. We would not want it to happen to another injury. We do not intend to burden him too much, because that will not help him. Unfortunately, in the run-up he lost a little bit, so now he has to catch up”.
Looking at the composition of the whole team, it is concluded that the LOTOS Trefl Gdańsk has a pretty balanced team. In addition, they sit on the bench capable and experienced volleyball players.

“We do not have substitutes. We have a team of twelve players. Everyone gets a chance to show. Indeed, now more concrete game six or seven players, but during the entire season, everyone will have the opportunity to showcase their skills”.

Is before the start PlusLigi you put in front of the players to achieve a goal, a specific place, which are addressed in this season?

“Never before PlusLiga play-offs have be played in the Gdansk, and our club was not among the top eight teams. Therefore, our primary goal is to enter the eight” says Lotos Trefl Gdańsk coach Dariusz Luks.

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