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RUS M: Yakovlev – “We are mad now!”

by WoV

Walking legend of Russian volleyball, Roman Yakovlev, summed up defeat versus Dinamo Moscow and talked about some stuff around the Final 5 of the Russian Cup.



Any comments on the game?

“We must pay tribute to Dinamo – the first two sets the opponent played very well. But we managed to turn the tide of the match. Third and fourth game we won confidently. Yes, we took over after me entering the game, but I am personally dissatisfied with myself. It must be honest, not a good game for me.”

Why couldn’t you close out the game in the tie-break?

“Tie-break is usually a lottery. It seems that we possessed the advantage, but lost because of errors. In volleyball in general who are less mistakes, wins. Yes, it is unpleasant that we lost, but nothing terrible happened. We’re not destined to come and win the Cup without losing a single set. The most important games are ahead.”

Zenit interrupted a series of 16 wins. Take us through that?

“Maybe it’s for the better. It was better to lose now than in more important matches. Journalists have already started to pay attention to this series and now again everything starts from scratch. I think we got a good lesson from the Dinamo. Well, now we only angrier and our desire to win is way stronger.”

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