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RUS M: Marouf and/or Toniutti?

by WoV

Arrival of Saeid Marouf in Kazan has shaken the volleyball world. But, it has also raised one very important question. What will happen with Benjamin Toniutti?



Frenchman has recently joined Zenit, but inability to register him for the Champions League brought many problems for the Russian powerhouse. At one point it looked like that Toniutti will have to leave Kazan after just one game, however Zenit and his manager denied those rumors and stated that player will stay in the team.

But what will happen now?

One thing is sure, Toniutti will play for Zenit on the upcoming final tournament of the Russian Cup, however it is not clear what will be the decision of the club’s Board afterward. Can Toniutti and Marouf both play in Kazan? Perhaps one in the Champions League, the other in the Russian Championship? Or Frenchman will once again have to change club in this season?


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Axe December 23, 2014 - 6:40 am

Spending so much money for the player just to make him play a few games in the CL…


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