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RUS M: Muserskiy goes public – “Everything is being done in order to end the Russian volleyball”

by WoV

Dmitriy Muserskiy has spoken...



One of the best players of Russian men’s national team Dmitriy Muserskiy published a controversial message on his Twitter account. He wrote – “Everytrhing is being done in order to end the Russian volleyball” and he put a link of the latest interview of the Russian national team head coach Sergey Shlyapnikov.

Shlyapnikov talked about many things in that interview, but we assume that Muserskiy was reffering to that part in which national team head coach revealed that every Russian player who refuses to play for the national team will from now on be treated as a foreign player in the Russian Championship.

Obviously this subject will continue to raise a lot of noise in the volleyball world.  


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Abril Galindo March 14, 2017 - 4:02 pm

It’s more like a personal matter to me. I still don’t know why Muserskiy refused to play for his country and why the head coach is still so mad about it. Can anyone provide some further explanation?

M March 14, 2017 - 10:19 pm

Now i think, Alekno was much better for you because now you can not refuse to play for the national team

John Doek March 16, 2017 - 7:40 am

Refusing to represent country/ies in various sports is often a serious an complicated problem, mainly for small countries. There are many reasons for that, and they deserve to analyze. Our country has had a lot of such negative experience – mainly in ice hockey, tennis m/w, even in volleyball However it is obvious that when sportsman does not want to represent, there does not exist any enforcement measure to change his attitude which is crucial for success and contribution for collective… There should be found some other solutions…
Surprising that a big country, where should not be a problem to replace sportsman, RNVF took such a unusual, incomprehensible measure. I have never heard on such a measure… Perhaps that from a short term it could bring some results, but from a long term it could be detrimental for their volleyball …
Moreover when this country – as some other strongest ones, attract foreigner players, naturalized them and insert into their NTs…
Hope that RNVF will reevaluate this new decision, measure and attempts to find the normal ones, acceptable for all parties, including FIVB, CEV.
Some questions:
What would they do, if USA creates m/w professorial leagues at last, and the best Russian players (and also others) will play there and the league, clubs become priority?
Would this measure be applied also for coaches if they refuse an offer to take NT from any reasons?


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