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SRB M: “Lack of support is humiliating” stated Petković

by WoV
source: b92.net; Photo: ossrb.org

Dušan Petković, the best player of Crvena zvezda, stated that volleyball deserves more audience in Serbia.




“It is humiliating for volleyball that average attendance is 200 people. It is a sport which attracts men and women equally. I am not talking only about Crvena zvezda, but the whole country” said player and then added:

“I have nothing against other sports, actually I like to watch them. But I am bothered by the fact that Eternal derby (Zvezda – Partizan) in volleyball, which is by the way more interesting than ever, was attended by 300-400 spectators, and on some football game there are 10,000 of them. My opinion is that people don’t care about quality of the game. They just come to be spotted” concluded Petković in an interview for www.b92.net.

You can read the whole interview on this link, but it is only on Serbian language.

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