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Pakistan: Pakistan Cool Volley event a success

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Shakargarh, Punjab Pakistan January 6, 2012 – A FIVB Cool Volley event was held in Sarjal, Shakargarh, Pakistan last Saturday and Sunday with 200 children aged 8 to 14 years old participating.

Pakistan Cool Volley event a success

Pakistan Cool Volley event a success

This was the first time the Pakistan Volleyball Federation (PVF) had held a volleyball event of this size and participants were split into 100 teams for the day, playing across nine courts.

Cool Volley aims to develop volleyball through schools by providing them with the necessary tools to introduce students to the sport.

The competition was a complete success, with the FIVB providing T-shirts and nets, while the PVF provided balls. Students from 10 schools took part and it is hoped it will boost interest in the country.

PVF president and CZ AVC executive vice president Ch. Muhammad Yaqub, PVF secretary general and chairman of the technical committee Major Muhammad Afzal, head of the Coaches Committee and secretary general Punjab Provincial Association Mr  M.B Javed  along with members of Shakargarh District Volleyball Association all attended the event.

Students said they enjoyed the event and it is hoped that the new skills taught to teachers will help spread the game further throughout the region. 

Additionally, PVF plans to organize a three-day Teacher Coaching Course in the Shakargarh District during the last week of January. 

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